By Matthew Hoffman

    He usually deals in old treasures – but this time the Cash for Rares dealer has gotten himself in trouble!

    As David Suppes (34) reports on the official Instagram account of the successful ZDF format, he has been threatened by a jealous man. The social media department teased the short clip with the words “David gets death threats!”

    “Bares for Rares” star gets hate mail

    The antiques beau with the bright blue eyes literally: “There was a gentleman whose girlfriend followed me on Instagram. I don’t know what he thought, what somehow happened. I didn’t even know she was my follower.”

    At some point he got “real hate messages” from the envious man. “And then it really went like this, I would say, almost in the direction of death threats. Really hard.” The solution to the problem? Suppes, who has almost 11,000 followers on Instagram, simply did not respond to the emails.

    This is how “Bares for Rares” fans would have reacted

    Apparently the ignore tactic worked. Because the Hessian, who runs an antiques shop in the fourth generation, asks in a comment on the short clip whether Instagram users would have reacted differently.

    “Bares for Rares” colleague Julian Schmitz-Avila (36) writes an inside comment to his buddy: “Here we are again with my message”, plus a winking smiley. Most fans agree with Suppes’ approach. “You’ve done everything right. They should reconsider their relationship,” writes one user.

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    Another reader says: “Most of the time it calms down on its own if you don’t offer the person a platform. As is well known, one cannot argue alone.”

    “Bares for Rares”: ZDF Quota Bank

    “Bares for Rares” is now an absolute odds bank for ZDF! With a market share of up to 25 percent at the top, the competition from the junk show with Horst Lichter (60) has little to order.

    Eight experts now classify the candidates’ treasures and rarities, and the number of dealers has grown to 18. You can read here how much cash is available behind the stage for each dealer and how well the bills are guarded.