The Roman in Malaga as an Azzurri fan and adviser is training regularly, but there is no mention of his use against Canada: “They start as favourites, but it was the same for the USA…And I’ll give my advice”

    From our correspondent Federica Cocchi

    November 25th

    He comes in slippers and bare feet, there are no deformities to the eye. So everything is fine and Matteo Berrettini confirms: “My foot is improving very quickly – he says – I’m happy and I’m training very well”. And then the question, my lady, arises spontaneously: do you play? An embarrassed smile and then the response: “No, even if the recovery proceeds well, the team has shown that they can win. The captain made his choices, and I came here as a fan and it seems like a support, let’s say so.” , of experience. Then, if it were up to me, I would even play on one leg if it were useful, but I’m afraid that in this case I wouldn’t be so useful to the cause”.

    His tactical-technical insights on Tommy Paul and Jack Sock have been very useful and now it’s time to reveal how Felix Auger Aliassime, his great friend and rival, fights: “Well, maybe I’ll tell the team first so as not to reveal any secrets, but I still hope to be able to still be useful. Yesterday on the bench I cheered, I shouted. Before sitting down I thought ‘let’s hope we don’t get expelled'”. Because the Roman participates, his videos are circulating in a fan version, complete with eloquent gestures…: “I feel a bit like a lion in a cage, it’s difficult to stay here and not be able to enter the pitch. But I did well to come, when I realized that I had to give up, after Naples, I had a couple of difficult days. It’s always like this when I have to give up a tournament and unfortunately this year it has happened too many times. However, being here with the team made me well, and this morning I had one of the best training sessions of the last few days”.

    Caged lion

    Being in a team is a nice but not easy operation for those who, like a tennis player, are used to solitude and the microcosm of their own clan: “The boys play a card game, it’s called sequence. But I don’t know how to play and I look at them . Music? That’s Musetti’s stuff. He always has the speaker on, in my opinion he even sleeps there. The only problem is that it’s from 2002 but he listens to music from the 70s! But how does he do it? I’ll have to update it a bit”.