Daphne Deckers has been criticized for the bright pink dress she wore on a red carpet. According to fashion designer Paul Schulten, the dress is still quite fine, but: “You look straight into her armpits!”


    Daphne Deckers, 54, recently went to the premiere of some movie with her daughter. She wore a bright pink dress (see the video below) that is now being commented on in the Story by couturier Paul Schulten. What seems? He is not entirely enthusiastic.

    Bare armpit

    Paul thinks it’s a ‘beautiful pink evening dress with cape’, but it does have a black edge. “We know this line from the Lebanese fashion designer Elie Saab. The neckline is also beautiful, but I find it less attractive that you look at an armpit.”

    A bare armpit is just not really fresh on the red carpet, says Paul. “That is unflattering. The armhole is too high. Furthermore, it is a beautiful creation, made of beautiful material.”

    Bare feet

    Not only Daphne’s bare armpits are visible, but also her bare feet. Not charming, says Paul. “I always find it difficult to wear open shoes under a long prom dress. It often seems as if you are walking barefoot or, in this case, in slippers. Closed noses are really better. In addition, she chose a too dark color of nail polish.”

    No doubt Paul will be wondering if Daphne couldn’t have just looked in the mirror before going to that premiere. Is there anything else? Yes, her lips are too shiny and she’s holding her iPhone in her hand. “It should have been in my bag.”


    Daphne’s bright pink dress: