Dana White Slaps His Wife – Power Slap League in Jeopardy

The new Power Slap League launched by Dana White may be put on ice immediately.

The head man of the free fight UFC promotion Dana White has found himself in the middle of an uproar after a video of him in a Mexican nightclub went viral.

Entertainment site TMZ’s published video shows how the wife of the UFC boss Anne White slaps her husband in the face with an open palm, and he hits back.

The act has not been viewed well in freestyle circles. The consequences are already starting to show.

ESPN Distinguished Reporter Brett Okamoto tells on Twitterthat the new combat sports promotion launched by White – the ironically open-handed Power Slap League – may be put on hold.

The PSL was supposed to start on January 11, but the TV company TBS, which shows it, has now postponed the opening event at least a week ahead. And the consequences don’t necessarily end there.

The New York Post according to TBS is seriously considering abandoning the entire project with PSL. Supplier Jeremy Botter write on Twitterthat the annulment of the TV contract is only a few signatures away.

PSL and TBS only announced last November that they had signed a TV contract for eight hour-long broadcasts.