Crypto News: Best new cheap cryptocurrencies in 2023

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Best new cheap cryptocurrencies offer that greatest potential among the coins. Because they are available through the respective pre-sale and can often be purchased with a Discount be acquired. At the same time, investors receive information about the phased price increases predictable book profits as well as one at this time safe haven, while other assets are at risk in the bear market. This is also the reason why it can be an interesting investment idea for both short-term and long-term investors. Which coins are particularly interesting and high presale value increases offer is presented in the following article.

Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG)

Meta Masters Guild MEMAG

The The gaming industry is likely to be permanently changed by cryptocurrencies. Because the new technologies offer a wide range of advantages for users and will probably become next big trend in this area. Among these play-to-earn coins the platforms offer the greatest security and the best opportunities. One of the most exciting new projects is Meta Master Guild, which primarily mobile games developed, which also also play via browser on the computer permit. By connecting further game studios saved a lot of time, money and manpower when scaling become. In addition, the value of the coins should increase due to their use in different games climb.

The project puts the user at the center of development and is less interested in short-term gains and more interested in long-term ones. So it wants them Involve players more in the projectso they e.g vote through the DAO on the development of the games. In addition, they should stronger in the success of the games involved become. In return, they receive both for their performance in terms of playing time, know-how and the increase in demand rewards paid. Also stand various investment opportunities available to take advantage of. The team was already able to some cooperation partners convince yourself.

Meta Master Guild tokens can be redeemed in the pre sale at the moment for $0.019 be bought. Advance sales are now in the 5th of 7 phases. Overall, the selling price raised to 0.023 USDT become. Investors can therefore still over 21% book profits to back up.

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Fight Out (FGHT)

FightOut-FGHT-768x506 (1)

The best new move-to-earn project right now is Fight Out with his interdisciplinary sports app. With their help, users get a individual, efficient and motivating training experiencetaking them at the same time earn rewards can. Among other things, support is provided cardio, strength, endurance and flexibility. In this way, it is also easier to address a larger target group than with the first-generation M2E. So they could too Demand and prices benefit. The users are there in the individual areas Challenges, duels and tournaments ready. That is also remarkable professional team of world star athletes and TV-famous professional coaches.

Unlike other move-to-earn projects, Fight Out offers a significant higher diversification. So it can Risk of purely digital investment products somewhat compensated and the chance will be increased. Because in addition to the application, the project also includes a own Gym chain connecting to the Metaverse for the first time in the world. Thus, a digital world with previously unknown features is available to the users. Within this will be theirs sporting and health benefits represented from real life via their personal avatar. For a full program the fitness studios also offer, among other things health barswith which the right nutrition is also provided.

Currently the coins can be used for 0.01961 USDT be acquired, however the sale price rises to 0.0333 UDT by March 31 at what almost 70% book profits is equivalent to. Also are Various bonuses such as 50% free coins can be unlocked via certain investment conditions.

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C+Charge (CCHG)


C+Charge is a Pioneer in the crypto market and has on the novel sector of ESG coins and within that on the branch of P2P payment networks for EV charging stations specialized. However, the project is not just about a payment network that Fixes complications caused by different billing standards, incompatible subscription models and a lack of security. Because at the same time they get The saved CO₂ is credited to those who fill up as a carbon emission credit in the form of an NFT with every charge. They can then keep this as an investment, or for them Reduction of their own consumption such as use for air travel by destroying it.

In addition, C+Charge also own charging stationswith 100% sustainable energy are to be operated. You use for it solar cells and are deposited in parking lots. So users can still save significantly more CO₂ than with conventional charging stations, which also use fossil energy. At the same time, they also earn more carbon credits. In contrast to previous solutions, the charging stations should also remote maintenance systems have, with which Errors found and repaired quickly can become. So they will Improved user experiences and increased revenuethe latter also by the Use of the cheapest electricity times increase.

On the Presale by C+Charge the tokens can still be bought in a limited offer for a price of $0.013 acquire. Within the 4 sales phases, the presale price is to be raised to 0.0235 UST become what almost 81% above current levels lies.

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