Sti starts traveling again and the television doesn’t stay to watch. Today at 18.20 on Italy 1 debuts Cruising Typesthe first Italian sketch comedy entirely turned on one cruise ship. The protagonists are Lodovica Comello e Nicolas Vaporidis. In the castalso Gennaro Cassini, Erica Del Bianco and Nicholas Zerbini.

    Cruise types, the cast and characters of sketch comedy

    They wear the clothes of members of thecrew. Their task is, therefore, to transform their guests’ holidays into an unforgettable experience. To achieve this, they must be ready to satisfy any kind of request. That is, they must do what is required of those involved in hospitality.

    Is working on a ship enough to do it? Maybe. Certainly, for each of them it is an important work experience, but above all one of growth. Between unexpected, last minute problems and mistakes to learn from, they will become more aware cruising types than when they set sail for the open sea.

    Taking a closer look, each of them plays a character which – at least on paper – fits perfectly with the rest of the cast. Lodovica Comello is Alice, the cruise director. She has the task of checking that everything takes place according to the parameters, but above all that the customers enjoy themselves.

    Lodovica Comello, protagonist of “Cruise Types”, on Italia 1. (Getty Images)

    Lodovica Comello is Alice, Nicolas Vaporidis is Giorgio

    In particular, deals with the planning of recreational and entertainment activities, one of the highlights of cruise travel. IS a sunny and sociable girl. From the promo, it is possible to guess that it is also highly appreciated by colleagues. In particular from Georgewith which a certain understanding is established. Is it just friendship?

    to interpret it, Nicolas Vaporidis. Giorgio is a room cleaner. The job on the cruise ship allows him to make ends meet and travel the world, but behind that quiet facade, he hides a talented musician. And who knows, maybe he’s looking for that opportunity on the ship that would allow him to make a change in his life.

    Others join the main protagonists three characters. Gennaro Cassini plays Lucaa careless barman, inclined to combine disasters. Nicholas Zerbinihowever, already seen in Skam Italy 5, is Fabio, an animator as exuberant as he is clumsy. In the end, Erica Del Bianco, the manager of the spa area, who has absolutely nothing clumsy and clumsy. Indeed, she seems all too aware, mischievous and seductive.

    Nicolas Vaporidis, protagonist of “Cruise Types” with Lodovica Comello. (Mediaset)

    Nicolas Vaporidis, from The island of the famous 2022 to Cruising Types

    Nicolas Vaporidis returns to Mediaset networks after the positive experience of last season. And the winnerin fact, in the sixteenth edition of The island of the famous. On that occasion it was his first experience in a reality show. TV, on the other hand, is not a new medium. His debut dates back to 2003 in the series Carabinierifollowed by RIS – Imperfect crimes And Pride.

    To consecrate it, however, is the cinema. It’s 2006 and he’s the protagonist of cult movie Night before examsthe. In a short time, he becomes one of the representative faces of a generation of young actors, ready to conquer the big screen. He stars, among others, in As you want me, Reinforced concrete, This night is still ours, Iago, Males against females, Females against males, Outing – Accidentally engagedas far as All the money in the worldby Ridley Scott.

    In 2022 he returns to the cinema with Bla Bla Baby, directed once again by Fausto Brizzi. For years he has been divided between Rome and Londonwhere it opened the restaurant Trastevere Tavernin Clapham.

    Lodovica Comello’s return to TV afterwards Italia’s got talent

    Also for Lodovica Comello it’s a comeback. On Italy 1 it is his second time after having participated, last season, in an episode of Hyenasas co-host. Till date, her television career is related to Sky. After the success with the Argentine series Violetin which she acted until 2015, in 2016 she returned to Italy.

    His first experience is Italia’s got talent. He remains at the helm of the program until 2022, the year of closure. In the middle of, Singing in the carthe series Extra virgin and an experience at the Zecchino d’oro as a judge. In his life, however, there is room not only for conducting, but also for music.

    In 2017, in fact, he participates in the San Remo Festival with the song The sky is not enough for me. Although she appears to have given up on her singing career, she has recently partnered with Netflix for the animated film Ridley Jones: the champion of the museum, in which he sang the theme song. She is 32 years old and is married since 2015 to Tomas Goldschmidt.

    Lodovica Comello with her husband Tomas Goldschimdt. (Getty Images)

    The new afternoon experiment of Italia 1

    Cruising Types comes after years in which the Italia 1 schedule has been in hiding in terms of experimentation. The afternoon slot, in particular, features rather specific and monotonous programming. For years, in fact, the offer in the afternoon has hovered around a few series now historic, like NCIS extension And The mentalist.

    A right choice for the network, but which risks not strengthen its identity. Indeed, even to weaken it. Here, then, is that a product like the sketch comedy airing today may prove to be a winning move for build audience loyalty. After all, it is not the first time that the young Mediaset network has embarked on experiments of this kind.

    Suffice it to mention others two titles that marked an era: Love bugs And Cafe room. The program airs Monday through Friday at 18.20. The Saturday at 13.50 Italia 1 broadcasts one special bet. A kind of better thanwith also unpublished contents inside.