Criticism: “That’s going on” – But yes, Herbert Grönemeyer is still surprising! (Review & Stream)

He fights, he falls, he keeps running. Actually, Herbert Grönemeyer doesn’t like long records, but now he has made a very long record. Given the choice, the Grönemeyer fan of the old school might have parted with some (great) electronic pieces, from “Oh Oh Oh”, “Das ist los”, “Angstfrei”. Grönemeyer himself would rather have separated from the typical (great) Grönemeyer ballads, from “Tau”, “Beauty”, “One Tonne of Lead” and “The Key”. But never from “Urverlust”, a love song for a woman who is no longer alive.

Now everything is on this album, 13 songs, and the hybrid Grönemeyer runs smoothly. There are enough hymns for every arena, there are the neologisms of Grönemeyer and the quirky formulations: “Be smart / be cheeky / dance over it, dance over it / strength lies in restlessness.” In “genius” he asks: “Why do you dream small/ low-risk/ you build yourself while waiting/ an eternal tragic traffic jam/ peel yourself out of your straight jacket of doubt.”

Now that annoys some people. But people also mocked “What’s that supposed to mean?”, “A piece of heaven” and “Everything stays different”. Imaginative language and creative grammar are what we lack! The funny combination of the old champions of his band, built beats and Grönemeyer synthesizer pathos has been known since “Everything is different”. But yes, Herbert Grönemeyer still surprises. And he’s reliable.

Clear as dumpling broth: “Now it’s time to pull through.”


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