Corry Konings is proud: his own tile on the Tilburg Walk of Fame

Roy Donders, Guus Meeuwis, Pater Poels and Kluun already had one and now they are joined by none other than Corry Konings. The queen of the song of life, who has lived in Tilburg for years, received a tile on the Walk of Fame in Tilburg on Monday.

“I am very proud of myself, it is the culmination of more than fifty years of making records. In 2019, at the 150th anniversary, I already heard that I would be here. I have lived here for 37 years,” said Konings who previously lived in Breda and Sint Willebord.

“I have almost never missed the Festival of the Life Song in Tilburg, I was there almost every edition.”

The Walk of Fame was set up to mark the 200th anniversary of Tilburg. The first Tilburger to receive a tile was Guus Meeuwis. The tiles were then in the Alexanderstraat in the center of Tilburg, but have since been moved to the Spoorzone.

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