Leonard Ponzio he said goodbye to football in a tribute match at the Monumental, in which River fans fired him with emotion. But the controversy arose when the journalist Flavio Azzaro started tweeting in the preview of the farewell and affirmed that the honored player “is not an idol”, which unleashed the fury of the millionaires.

    “For some time now, farewells to loved/respected guys began to be made, but they are idols. Without a doubt, Ponzio is not an idol. Idols are Labruna, Gallardo, Francescoli, Ortega, Alonso, Ramón… without any type of debate, Ponzio is not up to all of them”, Azzaro shot on Twitter, generating anger from Ponzio’s followers. And he continued to imply that the end was focused only on the business behind the event.

    But it was not all, since Azzaro went a step further and shared an audio, supposedly from inside the club, in which the alleged “poor ticket sales at Ponzio’s farewell” are discussed.

    The tribute match was attended by renowned players and ex-players of the club and famous fans who joined the event, including Enzo Francescoli – author of one of the most celebrated goals -, Fernando Cavenaghi and Enzo Pérez. And, beyond Azzaro’s rating, Ponzio was applauded by the public and even had his emotional musical moment, led by Soledad Pastorutti. And, as expected, at his farewell, the honoree’s team won 7-6

    by RN

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