News item | 23-01-2023 | 5:48 pm

    At the end of May 2022, the Temporary Housing Acceleration Task Force was installed by Hugo de Jonge, Minister for Housing and Spatial Planning, with the aim of realizing 37,500 flexible homes up to and including 2024. In 2022, a number of first and important milestones will have been achieved. The cooperation will continue in 2023, as stated in the Government Gazette.

    The Taskforce supports the national government, provinces, municipalities, housing associations and market parties in the accelerated realization of flex and transformation homes. The Taskforce consists of a committee and an executive body. The members of the committee are Nicole Maarsen (chairman), Rob Haans and Harriët Tiemens. The role of the implementing organization is fulfilled by the Foundation Implementing Organization Realization Housing, which was set up after a European Tender, under the leadership of Roel Vollebregt. On Friday 20 January, the parties confirmed the cooperation for the coming year.

    Flying start in 2022

    • With the Flexible and Transformation Homes Incentive Scheme, the government made €100 million available. With the allocation of € 88 million to municipalities, 7,300 flexible homes will be realized over the next two years. The first residents will receive the key in the course of 2023.
    • In addition, the construction sector has been encouraged to deploy (additional) production capacity with two joint procurement contracts. In the autumn of 2022, the Central Government Real Estate Agency went through a tender process for the order of 2,000 flexible homes. Aedes, the sector association of housing corporations, also initiated a procurement process for at least 8,000 flexible homes in December 2022. This kicks off the construction flow of flex homes. The first flex homes will be delivered in March 2023.
    • In December 2022, the contours of the Financial Reassignment Guarantee were announced. Together with the Taskforce, Aedes, VNG and the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations, we are working on the further elaboration of this.
    • The Tool box offers parties involved information and clarity about laws and regulations, existing subsidies, measures and regulations regarding flex and transformation homes.
    • The Taskforce currently provides active support to 85 projects, resulting in the realization of 16,093 flexible homes.

    Realization of flex homes in 2023

    2023 is all about realization. Thousands of flexible homes are being built and delivered on the basis of the Flexible and Transformation Homes Stimulation Scheme and the RVB tender. In addition, flexible homes are intended to be used as a permanent part of the temporary and permanent housing stock. To achieve this, various initiatives and insights are being further developed.

    In 2022, for example, a great deal of insight will have been gathered into what the obstacles and obstacles are to the accelerated realization of flex homes. The parties involved are working together to address this. The Taskforce continues to actively support municipalities, provinces, corporations and housing market parties by informing and activating them. In addition, efforts are made to share knowledge and experience by bringing parties together and stimulating mutual cooperation.

    At the beginning of 2023, the focus will be on the further design and formalization of the Financial and Physical Relocation Guarantee and the successful completion of the construction contracts of RVB and Aedes.
    Do you have questions, need help or do you want to register an offer? Go to the website of the Implementing Organization Taskforce Acceleration of Temporary Housing.

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