Condition of Heerhugowaard wrong-way driver stable, but worrying: “Not yet approachable”

The Heerhugowaard ghost driver (32) who was seriously injured on the A9 near Spaarndam in the night from Friday to Saturday, is still seriously injured in hospital. According to a spokesman for the North Holland Police, he is now stable, but his condition is still worrying. “He’s not in good shape.”

It accident happened Saturday morning around 3.30 am on the A9 between Haarlem and Velsen, close to Zijkanaal C. According to the police, the Heerhugowaarder drove on the wrong side of the road and crashed into a delivery van at full speed.

The wrong-way driver was taken to hospital in critical condition. The other driver, a 21-year-old from Amsterdam, fared better: it seems that he only sustained bruises. According to a witness, both drivers had to be removed from their cars by the fire service.

Alcohol or drugs?

The investigation is still in progress. It remains to be seen why the Heerhugowaarder drove on the wrong side of the road and whether drugs or alcohol were involved. Police have not yet spoken to the seriously injured man. “We can’t hear him yet, because he’s unresponsive at the moment. It’s clear who drove the wrong way, but we still have to find out why.”

With suitcases over highway

The highway was closed for hours after the accident, resulting in diversions and long traffic jams. A number of the motorists were on their way to Schiphol to catch their flight. According to Remke Polder, reporter at Hart van Nederland who was also stuck in traffic, duped holidaymakers walked with their suitcases on the A9. Hoping to get a lift on the other side of the road in time.