Commissioner Ricciardi 2, the previews of the last episode

bfinal acts for Commissioner Ricciardi 2. Up tonight Rai 1 at 21.25 ends the second season of today’s most loved TV commissioner. The question is: will finally be able to love Enrica, to let go of a feeling that burns in his heart and that he has never been able to express because of his curse? Ricciardi would like to live fully and without fear.

Enrica did not accept Manfred’s marriage proposal. And she’s willing to wait Louisin front of his window. And that goes for him too. Will they kiss in this last episode or will we have to wait for next season? The viewers are in fibrillation. Their relationship will also be the focal point of this last episode.

Commissioner Ricciardi 2: previews of the last episode

The latest installment in the series, based on the novels by Maurice DeGiovanniis titled Swallows in winterand it’s still there jealousy to hold court in tonight’s case. The famous actor Michelangelo Gelmiat the Splendor Theater in Naples, shoots his wife Fedora on stage. It’s pure drama, but someone replaced the blank with a real one. Who did it? Gelmi himself or someone else who concocted a plan against him?

Ricciardi (Lino Guanciale) digs into the meanders of a feeling that can blind. This case also leads him to focus on yourself and about his personal life. In De Giovanni’s novel The cry of dawnRicciardi marries Enrica (Maria Vera Ratti) and have one girl, Martha. Will it happen sooner or later in the series or will the writers take other paths? Of course the two love each otherbut at home everyone is waiting for the fateful kiss.

Women in love with Commissioner Ricciardi

Livia (Serena Iansiti) she has been in love with Ricciardi since the first season, and has eyes only for him: she is in fact blinded by her feelings, to the point of not seeing who really loves her. Also White (Fiorenza D’Antonio), the new entry of the second season, dotes on Ricciardithe two kissed in yesterday’s episodei, but the commissioner declares to the countess of love another person.

And everyone knows who it is. White, on that occasion she confesses to him, with pain, that she cannot have children: «I would have loved to, but I will never experience the joy of being a mother», she tells him. However, a complicity arises between the two that will be important in the next season.

Countess Bianca and Ricciardi. (Rai Fiction)

Cupid’s arrow also pierces Bruno Modo (Enrico Ianniello), in love with the prostitute Lina. «I don’t want to let her get away – he reveals to his friend Ricciardi – I’ve never loved someone like this. I’m preparing a nice surprise.’ The pathologist intends to take Lina away from the brothel where she works and maybe she has more in store.

Enrica (Photo Giusva Cennamo)

The only true love is Enrica

Enrica is Ricciardi’s true love. How much longer will the public have to wait before seeing a kiss from them? Will tonight be the right time? Ricciardi needs to live the suffocated love up to this moment.

The two stated their feelings laughing out loud in the rain and from their respective windows, right where it all began. Before they spied on each other, now they look directly into each other’s eyes without hiding. Will Ricciardi finally be able to leave his fears behind?

Finished the four episodes of Commissioner Ricciardi 2 the question arises: will there be a third season? Certainly. The books and stories of Maurice DeGiovanni they are not missing. Much still needs to be told about the relationship between Enrica and her beloved Luigi, between the commissioner and Bianca, a figure who could become very important in his future.