Sttanight at 21.20 on Rai 2 airs airs the penultimate episode of The College 7. A decisive appointment for the fate of some of the students guests of the Regina Margherita College in Anagni. Who will be affected by the measures? And how are they preparing for the eighth grade final exam?

    The College 7seventh episode: will Elisa Angius be expelled?

    In the new episodethe boarders become aware of the decision of the President Bosisio about the latest events. The absolute protagonist is Elisa Angius. The fifteen year old Sardinian he does everything to oppose the strict rules of the Collegebut above all to show a good deal of arrogance and insolenceseasoned with any lack of respect.

    A strategy that within the program does not pay much, especially when you consider that the seventh edition is set in 1958. These are rigid years, in which discipline comes even before preparation and final grades. In the previous episode, Angius threw his uniform jacket on the ground.

    An incorrect and unacceptable gesture, which now risks getting them the expulsion. A high risk, which contributes to making the atmosphere inside the College quite heavy. Everyone is afraid of losing her, especially her closest companions, but above all Gabriel Rennis, her boyfriend. Their romance is booming and is perhaps one of the most successful unions in the history of the program.

    Elisa Angius of “The college 7”. (Rai)

    Anticipations: the trip to the abbey of Montecassino

    It is the Headmaster who decides the fate of the student, who communicates the decision made in the new episode. If she were to be expelled, what will become of Gabriel and their romance? It should be remembered that there is only one week left until the end of the edition. All in all you can survive.

    As always, there is room for a trip out of town. In the week episode, the students go to visit the abbey of Montecassino. Here they have the opportunity to approach the study of Benedictine rule and its fundamental pillars, i.e obedience, silence and humility.

    The visit is also a useful expedient to make a group and to demonstrate that they know how to feel good together. Unfortunately, getting along is not a simple undertaking and disagreements are not long in coming. In particular, there are those who have difficulty feeling the sense of belonging to the rest of their classmates.

    Students discovering Totò

    Finally, we continue with the study of the year in which it is set The College 7. It’s 1958 and, after discovering Jackson Pollock e Leave or doublenow they try their hand at new activities. They have the opportunity to get in touch with the music from beyond the Alps, or rather with the French singer Edith Piaf. Also, they attend the screening of a film starring one of the most popular comedians of the moment, Toto.

    That’s not all, because college students engage in an exhibition, set up in a self-managed space. Finally, participate in the 1958 boarders. In short, multiple activities that fill the days. In this chaos, however, they have to face the most difficult test: demand compliance with the College rules even from those who refuse to do so.

    The students of “Il Collegio 7” in the seventh episode. (RAI)

    The College 7the summary of the previous episodes

    The past few episodes have seen center stage some of the most undisciplined students of this edition. Among all, to soar were Elisa Angius, Alessia Abruscia, Ariadny Sorbello and Damiano Severoni. They all have one thing in common aversion to rulesof whatever nature they are and whoever they come from.

    Despite the uphill start, all four made it through the repair test. However, the positive result did not prove to be positive enough for one of them. Damiano Severoni, after a conversation with the Dean, decided to leave The college.

    «I can’t stand rules, I’ve never stood them. Some things I can’t accept. It hurts a little to leave. I was trying to hold back, but I couldn’t take it anymore », she tells the cameras. Additionally, the program had to drop two other cast members as well.

    Apollinaire Manfredi and Alessandro Orlando expelled in the sixth episode

    It’s about Apollinaire Manfredi and Alessandro Orlando. They were expelled for excessively over the top behavior. This time, they took the cell phones previously handed over to the guards. Furthermore also Tommaso Miglietta has gone awaybut of his own free will. After the first episodes full of chaos and disorder, now the boarders appear more manageable.

    Thanks to the time they spend inside the boarding school, but also the moments of confrontation that they find themselves experiencing. Last week, after more than a month and a half away from home, they were able to feel the closeness of their families thanks to two heart-warming thoughts. The first, the delivery of a package containing goodies. The second, grandparents visit. A very intense and exciting moment, entrusted to one of the best teachers in the programme: Professor Andrea Maggi.