The Mossos dismantled a criminal group on July 28 for allegedly trafficking in marijuana and hashish in a cannabis club in Barcelona’s Eixample district, they report in a statement this Saturday. Specific, in the neighborhood of the Sagrada Família.

    They arrested four people between 24 and 32 years of age for alleged crimes against public health, two of whom went to court and the investigating judge decreed release without charge, and the detention of the other two people was annulled and they are awaiting trial. waiting to be summoned by the judicial authority.

    It so happens that among the detainees there would be no none of the charges of the cannabis association. The persons listed as president, secretary and treasurer of the association they have not been located, not even detected by the investigators for the duration of the investigation.

    from the association allegedly sold hashish and marijuana to anyone who agreedthey did not have any record of control of the substance and, in addition, they had two workers without a contract.

    tourists consuming

    At the entrance to the premises, several users were identified who were consuming inside, most of whom were tourists who were passing through Barcelona.

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    In the records, 62,500 euros in cash, five kilos of marijuana, 1.7 kilos of hashish and other substances derived from cannabis were found: in total, the estimated value of the intervened drug amounts to about 42,750 euros on the illicit market.

    The investigation began with a letter rogatory from Switzerland to verify the alleged criminal activity of a group of people who managed the cannabis association located in the Sagrada Familia neighborhood in Barcelona.