Clan families targeted after robbery of money transporter

By Axel Lier and Matthias Becker

On March 2, robbers used signs and concrete blocks to fake a construction site on the A 20 autobahn near Gützkow (Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania). They stopped a money transporter, fired warning shots from fully automatic weapons and stole millions of euros. The investigations are now leading to Kreuzberg and Neukölln.

The investigators are focusing on two young men from the O. and I clan families. According to BZ information, they do not live directly in the notorious Düttmann settlement – but they belong to the local group that the police describe as a “polycriminal network”.

Flashback: After the highway robbery, investigators arrested three men in a rented holiday home in Wiefelstede in north-western Lower Saxony on March 10th. Neighbors had seen one of them wearing a balaclava in the garden, police informed.

A Kalashnikov, a pistol and a fire brigade spreader were found on the men – arrest warrants! During the personal data check, it is noticeable: The trail leads to Berlin! To the clan gang around the hiding Jihad W. (22) in the Graefekiez!

A gang has been terrorizing their neighborhood for years. It consists of a hard core of 20 people with more than 300 supporters, including even Bundeswehr soldiers. It is presumably led by Jihad W., who is still on the run after the killing of intensive offender Mohamed Rabieh (25) at the Neukölln May Days last year.

In the attack at the time: Mohamed O. (20), one of those arrested in Lower Saxony! The Neuköllner will soon have to answer in court for allegedly injuring Rabieh with a punch before his death.

The children of influential clans belong to the criminal network of the Düttmann settlement. Their surnames begin with R., Ch., A., O., I., El-A., El-Z. and W. They banded together years ago for money, power, and absolute control of the streets. Photos in investigation files show them at target practice in Slubice (Poland), martial arts and religion play a major role.

The investigators are now examining connections with other raids. Including the failed robbery of a money transporter on January 25 at the A115 motorway Potsdam-Drewitz. Also still unsolved is a robbery of a money transporter on January 31 on the grounds of the Charité on Nordstraße.