Ciro Immobile, video of the young man from Bologna who broke his goal record

The Lazio striker sends a message to Mazia, the Bologna talent who surpassed his goal record at the Viareggio Cup

“Hi Andrea: I’m happy for you and I wish you a happy career”. Signed Ciro Immobile. A year ago Andrea Mazia had beaten Ciro for goals in a single edition: 12 in 5 matches. Today, therefore one edition after the Coppa Carnevale, inside Bologna who beat Mavlon 3-0 there was a further step in Andrea’s story: the Bologna striker born in 2004, coached by Magnani, in fact rewrote one of the records of the Viareggio Cup reaching 15 goals in the Viareggio competition, adding the 3 scored in this edition to the 12 signed last year.

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A score that earned him the absolute record, projecting him into the first place of scorers in the history of the tournament. Thus overtaken Renzo Cappellaro (Vicenza) and Ciro Immobile (Juventus), holders of the record so far with 14 goals. And the national Ciro (who is missing from the national team) made himself heard via the Viareggio Cup facebook page. “Hi Andrea, I saw your record: I’m happy for you. I hope to bring you well. I wish you a happy and successful career” the words of Immobile, who held the previous record with 14 goals (signed in the two-year period 2009-2010 with Juventus) together with Renzo Cappellaro. “Hi Ciro, thank you for the video”, Mazia’s answer. In short, an auspicious message from a striker who has climbed the rankings of all-time goals in our football.

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Mazia, meanwhile, wants the bar even higher. “It’s a great honor to have set this record – striker Andrea said on the day of the historic overtaking – For me it’s even more beautiful than last year, to have scored more than anyone else in the history of the tournament. I am also very happy for the team’s victory. We want to win it, I try to do my best to help the team succeed. Still? I like seeing his goals on Sunday, he’s one of the best strikers in Serie A. Dedications? To my family”. Sober. All home and goals. At Ciro, exactly.