Christine McVie: Her ten best solo pieces

Alongside her work with Fleetwood Mac, Christine McVie has also released a string of solo albums — four, counting her 2017 collaboration with bandmate Lindsey Buckingham. We listen to the memory of the artist, who died on November 30, 2022, through her solo work – and ten pieces that we particularly like.

1, “Let Me Go (Leave Me Alone)” (“Christine Perfect”, 1970)

“Let Me Go (Leave Me Alone)” is taken from McVie’s debut solo album, Christine Perfect (her birth name). It came out in 1970 — the same year she joined Fleetwood Mac. “Let Me Go (Leave Me Alone)” is one of four tracks she wrote alone. Another, “Close To Me,” she co-wrote with Richard Hayward.

2. “The Challenge” (“Christine McVie,” 1984)

It wasn’t until 1984 that McVie released a second solo effort. “Christine McVie” included “The Challenge,” one of the most notable tracks on the record.

3. ‘Friend’ (2004)

After a thirty-year hiatus from solo releases, McVie (who left Fleetwood Mac the previous year) released her third solo album in 2004. “In The Meantime” is a nice pop-rock record with a few gems, including the track “Friends”.

4. “Sweet Revenge” (“In The Meantime” 2004)

McVie repeatedly addressed her broken relationships in her songs. She did the same in 2004: “The party’s over / When the music ends / If we can’t be lovers / Then we really can’t be friends / I got some pretty wicked ways / To get my sweet revenge‘ it says in ‘Sweet Revenge’.

5. “Slowdown” (“A Solo Collection”)

2022 saw the release of Songbird: A Solo Collection, a retrospective focused on McVie’s solo albums Christine McVie and In The Meantime. There were also two new songs to be heard, including the track “Slowdown”, produced by McVie together with Glyn Johns. The track was actually written for the 1985 film American Flyers.

6. “Easy Come, Easy Go” (“In The Meantime” 2004)

Another great track from 2004’s “In The Meantime.”It’s time to put it all aside / And make a fresh start / The first cut is the deepest darling / That is the hardest part‘ she sings in it — before the piece rears up for a dramatic refrain.

7. Northern Star (2004)

“I‘m falling down inside myself / like I have a thousand times or more / and I like it when you comfort me / like you do when I’m insecure“: With “Northern Star” “In The Meantime” also contained a nice acoustic ballad with country flair.

7. “Love Will Show Us How” (“Christine McVie,” 1984)

“Love Will Show Us How” was one of the singles from “Christine McVie”. Classic 80s pop rock with great vocal hooks, which also has a funny video.

9. “I’m On My Way” (“Christine Perfect,” 1970)

For those who find “Christine McVie” sounds too much like the 1980s, here we go again with her first album “Christine Perfect” — namely the soul-heavy “I’m On My Way”.


10. “In My World” (“Lindsey Buckingham Christine McVie”, 2018)

Well, we ended up sneaking in a song that doesn’t quite fall into the solo category – because “In My World” was on the album McVie co-released with Lindsey Buckingham. A proven duet partnership.