“Choice with the most regrets”: Leterme candid about missed mayoralty of Ypres

“Choice with the most regrets”: Leterme candid about missed mayoralty of Ypres

He still calls the fact that he did not become mayor of his city of Ypres “the choice he regrets most.”

In 2012 CD&V won the elections in Ypres, and Leterme could not keep his promise to become mayor.

“Choice with Most Regrets”

-You didn’t become mayor then. You chose an international career. In hindsight, did you think that was a good choice?

Yves Leterme: “It’s the choice I regret the most. I’ve been able to combine things throughout my career. And then I really had to choose. I was at the OECD at the time and I just didn’t have the energy or time to go to Ypres But people insisted, also from the department, to be party leader and help us to a victory. And then I told the voters that I would become mayor in the course of the legislature. And actually I I didn’t fill that in and I think that will remain… I think that a number of people have rightly become disappointed with that. And I am very frustrated about that.”

-You still feel it exactly?

Yves Leterme: “Yes, now I have to say. With what I have experienced over the past ten to twelve years, on a personal level and in my career, I am glad that I did it all the way I did it. But there was that engagement towards the voter and the citizen. And it is a pity that we were not able to live up to that.”

“Political Career Over”

-But the elections are coming up, 2024. There are still chances.

Yves Leterme: “No, no, that’s over.”

-Look at Vooruit, they all come back there.

Yves Leterme: “No, been there, done that, as the English say. I’m doing other things now, also fascinating. And yes, no!”

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