Charité wants to carry out planned operations again

The Charité in Mitte is on strike

The Charité in Mitte (archive photo) Photo: Christian Lohse

From BZ/dpa

After a three-week break, the Berlin Charité wants to carry out planned operations again next week.

“This is done in order to catch up on operations and therapeutic measures that were postponed in December and to carry out those currently planned,” said a spokesman for the clinic on Tuesday. One wants to take into account the great need in the health care of Berlin.

The Charité had canceled all so-called elective interventions since December 19 due to persistent and many cases of illness among doctors and nurses.

This was intended to enable urgent treatments such as time-critical tumor operations and transplants as well as the care of patients after strokes and heart attacks.

“At the Charité there is still a generally high number of emergencies,” it said on Tuesday. The number of sick employees is currently falling slightly.

“However, there are still bottlenecks in individual Charité clinics, which means that treatments can still be postponed there.”


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