Chantal Janzen sent her column on juice channels to Yvonne Coldeweijer prior to publication. “Of course she’s afraid to kick me in the shins.”

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    Chantal Janzen’s magazine is all about this month juice. The presenter herself was the object of juice in the spring, but she is remarkably sporty with the juice channels. It is in stark contrast to Linda de Mol’s magazine, which is currently on the shelves with a huge lament about the show media.

    Chantal approaches Yvonne

    Yvonne Coldeweijer, the queen of the juice channels, now reveals that Chantal sent her her column about juice channels before publication. “The nice thing is that she sent me that column in advance, because she mentions me in it. She’s actually very smart,” she says in The Juice Show.

    She continues: “Of course she is afraid of kicking me in the shins. I know her personally, so I think it’s neat that she does it. Is the courtesy Or do you want to make sure that it doesn’t go down the wrong way for me? She sent it out on Sunday and it was supposed to be out on Tuesday.”

    ‘It is what it is’

    Chantal’s column is sporty, but otherwise neither meat nor fish. There is no strong opinion anywhere. “In the column she tries both parties ehh… Society is fairly divided – you love it or you hate it – and she tries both sides [te pleasen]Yvonne said. What does she think? “Not interesting.”

    Yvonne continues: “I have sent to her: ‘It is what it is.’ She also says that: ‘It is both fun and it can be harmful, side by side.’”

    Money and career

    It is very smart how Chantal approaches this, says Yvonne. “People like that just understand very well: a new generation is coming and if I want to stay relevant – for them relevance equals money and career – then I have to be right up their alley. That can turn out to be beneficial. That’s very logical, isn’t it?”

    What does she think of the juice that is spread over Chantal? Her husband is said to have cheated on a regular basis in a hotel near them. “My Juice Channel colleagues swear by it. I would not have liked to bring it, because I know Chantal.”

    DM contact

    What about that bond between Chantal and Yvonne? The co-host of her podcast, Mark Koster: “With Chantal Janzen, I think you have dm-Contact. He senses that the leaves no longer work and that they must be with you.”

    Yvonne: “I know Chantal personally, because I took over her role in Wicked. I already knew her before that.”

    Mark: “She plays the game well.”

    Why isn’t Yvonne in the &C juice issue? “They’ve approached me for interviews and everything, but I said no.”