Catherine Keyl herself also guilty of misconduct: ‘Very intimidating’

Catherine Keyl has also been guilty of media misconduct in the past, reveals EenVandaag star Lammert de Bruin. “She screamed that I would never get a job again.”


Catherine Keyl is not surprised that a riot has broken out about the toxic working atmosphere at NOS Sport. She also has negative experiences with the people who work there. For a show she made in 2003, she always had to walk this department. Week after week, she was yelled at and treated like a “trouble bug,” she claims.

Screaming Keyl

But what about Catherine herself? She was also a powerful TV woman with prestige for many years and has made numerous broadcasts. Did she never make a slip?

According to EenVandaag star Lammert de Bruin it is. He is surprised about Catherine’s complaint about the misconduct at NOS Sport. “The Catherine Keyl who once shouted at me long ago after a radio interview that she would personally ensure that I would not get a job anywhere in Hilversum?”


Why did Catherine yell that at Lammert? “Because, as a starting editor, I had Viola Holt (Catherine’s nemesis, ed.) say something about her? Boy,” he tweeted.

Lammert wonders to what extent Catherine is prepared to put her hand in her own bosom. Her screaming came across as “intimidating,” he said. “I’m sure she’s forgotten.”

Writer Coot van Doesburgh responds: “Yes, in such people the active memory of negative self-inflicted things is suddenly completely gone.”

Economy class

A follower of Lammert, AC, notes that Catherine has also behaved cross-border on a plane trip. She says: “That’s perhaps the same Mrs Keyl who kept sneaking to the business cassette with an economy class ticket and sat there with a blanket over her head..?”

Lammert shocked: “?”

Mrs. AC then again: “Yes, really happened. She kept getting put back and she kept walking back to BC. Very hey ?. I can’t think of anything else since every time I see her.”


One of Lammert’s tweets: