Angela Groothuizen, Anita Witzier, Astrid Joosten, Caroline Tensen, Irene Moors and Karin Bloemen form a group of friends of older TV women. They even know what they earn from each other.

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    For many years now they have come together a few times a year to chat about celebrities-related matters: Angela Groothuizen, Anita Witzier, Astrid Joosten, Caroline Tensen, Irene Moors and Karin Bloemen. At the beginning of the week it was that time again: the older TV women went to lunch together in Oriole Bistro, although Anita was not there this time.


    The ladies form a kind of closed society, where younger TV women are not welcome. “I think we take our work very seriously. Nobody here at the table thinks: I’ll do that for a while,” Caroline said in 2014.

    And Anita last year: “We meet a few times a year. We’re actually talking about everything that women find important, haha. There is laughter and crying. We are all very loyal and honest, we don’t sell each other tubers for lemons. We keep each other informed of what is going on in our lives.”

    They even have a group chat. “If there are any questions, we can always go there.”

    Initiative by Irene

    Astrid Joosten was in Arjen Lubach’s talk show last night and talked about this society. Arjen: “These are simply the greatest TV presenters in the Netherlands together. If a pan of bad mussels is put on the table, the channel can go black all Friday evening.”

    Astrid explains: “Irene Moors once started this with a lunch and then we all really liked it so much. We didn’t really know each other, because everyone works in different studios and other buildings. But there was a huge click.”

    Weird profession

    Arjen: “What are you talking about then? Salary negotiations and things like that?”

    Astrid: “Yeah, too. We are very candid.”

    Arjen: “What is Irene Moors’ tip? Come to the commercials?”

    Astrid: “Uhh, haha. Well, what we have in common is that we all have that weird profession you know, but none of your friends really understand what it is, that weird fame and what it’s like to be always in the spotlight. You do have to fight for your program and there are salary negotiations.”

    celebrities salaries

    The celebrities even know each other’s salary. “It is quite a strangely complicated profession and we with those girls all understand that from each other. We are very candid. One of the first times we all told each other what we earn. This has led to salary renegotiations for some in the group. I’m not saying who.”

    Arjen: “That you just call BNNVARA and say: ‘What Irene Moors gets, I want that too.’”

    Astrid: “The commercial girls earn more than the public girls.”


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