At a quarter to three in the morning a car, apparently intentionally, drove into a group of people in the village street in Landsmeer. Three men managed to run away, but a woman was hit. The police are looking for the suspects.

    Car crashes into people – Inter Visual Studio

    Our media partner spoke to the men on location. “We had a fight with people, they got in the car, chased us and deliberately drove into our group.”

    According to the men, the quarrel came when they addressed the driver and co-driver about their behavior: “They were making some nasty and nasty remarks (to the woman, ed.). We stood up for her. Those guys just kept going. then got into their car and chased us.”

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    Men about the collision in Landsmeer – Inter Visual Studio

    The woman was the only one hit by the car. An ambulance arrived and the woman was not seriously injured. The men said they could jump away from the car in time, “I had to jump for my life. My whole bike is shattered up there. Damn I’m still a little In shock

    They say that the car ‘first crashed into the bicycle, then into a tree’. Then the car drove ‘very fast backwards’. The men do not know where the car has gone.

    Police are investigating the matter and can neither confirm nor deny the men’s story.

    Bicycle that car ran over – Inter Visual Studio

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