BVB goes all out at Daichi Kamada (Eintracht Frankfurt)!

Daichi Kamada’s working paper at Eintracht Frankfurt expires in the summer, and an extension of the playmaker is becoming increasingly unlikely. Probably also because the calls from other clubs are getting louder, especially from BVB. A secret meeting is said to have taken place.

With 13 goals and five assists, Daichi Kamada has played a major role in Eintracht Frankfurt’s strong season so far. However, they could soon part ways.

All attempts by Eintracht boss Markus Krösche to extend the contract with the Japanese failed, and the prospect of a substantial salary increase did not seem to convince the international.

At the same time, top clubs from home and abroad should advertise for Kamada’s services. Especially Borussia Dortmund has been said to be very interested in the World Cup participant for a while.

Kehl deposits BVB interest in secret meetings

According to “Sport1”, BVB went one step further on Wednesday. Accordingly, sports director Sebastian Kehl met secretly in Dortmund with Kamada’s advisors Roberto Tukada and Thomas Kroth to give emphasis to the hope of a move to Borussia. “Concrete numbers” were also discussed, it is said.

Kamada himself is said to be “well able to imagine” signing the Champions League round of 16 and prefers other offers from Spain, England and Portugal.

The noble technician switched to SGE in 2017, but only made the breakthrough after a year on loan in Belgium. In the meantime, Kamada has become an integral part of the team, and he always causes a sensation, especially internationally.

Being able to get a professional of this caliber for free appeals to many clubs accordingly. However, there are increasing signs that Kamada has already made his choice and will wear the black and yellow jersey from the summer.