Stromae puts his birthday wife Coralie in the flowers on Instagram. “I love you,” the caption reads.

    Lesley-Ann Poppe shares one last holiday photo soon. “Soon we will fly back to Belgium.”

    The family Vermeire has had a busy weekend.

    Sarah Puttemans, the girlfriend of Viktor Verhulst, has turned 23 years old. “Thank you for all the birthday wishes,” it sounds on Instagram.

    Hilde De Baerdemaeker attended the wedding of Evi Hanssen with her family. “What a wonderful celebration of love,” she says on Instagram.

    Pascal Braeckman shares a photo from the old box. “Photo from 1984. I’m on the right”, he tells his followers.

    ‘s baby belly Astrid Coppens is getting bigger. “Our little miracle has been in my stomach for 21 weeks.”

    Celine Van Ouytsel and her friend Andreas enjoy the German Munich in style.