bcheers to merather, “Give me a thousand kisses and then a hundred, then another thousand and then another hundred“: already the Roman poet Valerius Catullus sang the magic of love in the form of a kiss. Love, Rome: the most beautiful city in the world carries the sentiment in the name. Right here it has its roots Bulgariansthe luxury maison emblem of Italian spirit, which among its jewels has (also) a collection of precious fragrances. The family Merry it is in fact an olfactory tale of moments of beauty, including one, in particular, which crystallizes the epitome of emotion: “Kiss Me”. An olfactory invitation, a gift that doesn’t need tickets.

    Bulgari Allegra Baciami, 220 euros (photo Nicola Galli, styling Silvia Masciale)

    Bulgari “Kiss me”, an invitation in a fragrance

    What does a kiss smell like, indeed, the very expectation of the kiss? And the master perfumer Jacques Cavallier who tried to interpret a unique moment, the one that stops the breath and makes the heart leap, transforming it into olfactory composition in perfect Bulgari style.

    “Kiss Me” is a passionate, unforgettable jus that embraces the senses (and the skin) with passion but also with a typically Italian elegance: the bouquet is a mix of floral and amber notes, with an impetuous heart of gardenia and vanilla. Sweet but balanced, irresistible, desired. Like a movie kiss. Anita Ekberg and Mastroianni style ne The sweet lifeor Audrey Hepburn and Humphrey Bogart in Sabrina. In the background always her, Rome.

    Allegra, the olfactory range

    The name alone puts you in a good mood: Merrythe high perfumery collection of the Maison Bulgari born in 2021tells the desire to live and the energy that Rome and Italy transmit at every moment of the day and night: the rays of the Mediterranean sun, the poetry of the sunset, the pleasure of an aperitif with friends, the magic of a Venetian masquerade party. A kiss at sunset.

    The names of each of the fragrances evoke moments of happiness, carefree places, festive occasions. The master perfumer Jacques Cavallier who created them sums up the project with a sentence: “All perfumes lead to Rome”.

    The other olfactory statements

    Sweet ecstasy from the pastel green and pink bottle, it is a gourmet pleasure that transports to the most famous Italian pastry shops, where the senses are inebriated by the aroma of freshly baked sweets, by the cheerful colors of candies and pralines. It’s a return to childhood, to family reunions, to homemade cakes with love. Moments of serenity, delicate, floral and powdery notes, touches of Italian citrus and silky musks. A perfume that becomes a welcoming nest where you can savor moments of tranquillity.

    Bulgari high perfumery collection Allegra

    Solar shore with its golden and blue glass it gives us an endless holiday. Blue sea, clear skies lit by the sun, a wind that refreshes the skin. The Italian Riviera, with its unforgettable panoramas and climate that is as sweet as a caress. The scent is a symphony of citrus fruits, enriched by orange blossom. The neroli of the heart lights up with flashes of osmanthus and mandarin, the musks seduce. The whole is a sensual and electrifying harmony at the same time.

    Flowers of love it could only be red and pink tenderness is a refined potion where the red rose is the absolute queen. A flower that initiates the spell of falling in love, when a bundle of roses is the symbol of passion. Sensual petals that come from Turkey and Bulgaria join a new modern accord the Prelude Raspberry, a fruity accent that recalls the scent of raspberries picked in the heart of summer.

    Venetian fantasy Ruby and purple in colour, it is an invitation to the craziest and most exuberant party of the year: the Venice carnival. Sumptuous costumes, sumptuous parties, buildings that emerge from the water dressed in a thousand lights. In the evening, exclusive receptions, a little decadent, made special by amorous intrigues, encounters and contagious joy. The fragrance that represents this stage of the journey is chypre, an opulent composition of Indonesian patchouli, a note created for Bulgari and pink peach accords that blend with touches of vanilla. The magic of dreams come true.

    Rock ‘n’ Rome dresses in amber and purple, photographs moments that give joy to life: a terrace, best friends and a frozen spritz. In the background the magnificence of the Colosseum, the light that can be so special only in Rome, timeless moments that you would like to stop forever. Even the perfume is a sparkling cocktail, with spicy notes. The fruity and floral aroma is a mix of apricot and osmanthus. The emotion of an appointment in Rome is in every drop of the fragrance.

    Bulgari Allegra Kiss me, 220 euros

    Until the highlight. From the total rouge bottle: Kiss Me! Last born in 2022, with its amber floral jus, with a touch of precious vanilla.

    A powerful trail, tailored

    Amplify and customize your favorite fragrance becomes a pleasure and a personal and creative game #MagnifyFying is a new concept in the world of perfumery. Alongside the collection in fact, there are five essences (musk, bergamot, rose, patchouli and vanilla) how Concentrated top notes of the highest quality. They combine with the chosen perfume to transform it into a unique jus, haute couture, according to one’s mood. Endlessly.