Brighton ahead of Facundo Buonanotte transfer: “Most Promising Talent” in Argentina

Market Value Winner

Brighton & Hove Albion secured one of South America’s greatest talents in Julio Enciso this summer. The 18-year-old has only played once this season in the EFL Cup, but the “Seagulls” seem to be convinced of the tactics on the transfer market. With Facundo Buonanotte, the next youngster is about to step into England.

The 17-year-old offensive player made his debut at CA Rosario Central in the past season of the Argentine professional league and promptly became a top performer. In 24 appearances he was directly involved in six goals and thus one of the few rays of hope in an otherwise mixed season in the 20th table.

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Scott Christensen, TM Area Manager Argentina, sees Buonanotte as “the most promising talent in the Argentine league at the moment. He’s a fast, dribbling player who has his strengths in one-on-ones, especially in the front third.” In the most recent market value update, the left-footed player increased his market value from 6 to 9 million euros, making him one of the top 3 in the league. At the beginning of the year he had just received his starting value of 50,000 euros.

According to consistent media reports, the move to Europe is imminent this winter. Everything should already be clarified between Brighton and Buonanotte, only between the two clubs there are still ambiguities that need to be cleared up. According to that Journalist Cesar Luis Merlo the English have made a new offer of €6m plus €6m in bonuses. Buonanotte is set to receive a contract until 2026.

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