Niclas Füllkrug made his debut for the German national team at the World Cup in Qatar and was one of the few winners in the preliminary round from the DFB team.

    Now the Werder Bremen striker criticized the development of talent in German football in an interview with “Sport1”. “You have to try again to develop more individualists in the training of the players. It’s about the players being able to express themselves again. Then you get individualists who can do things that others can’t.”

    At the botched World Cup in Qatar, “a lot went against us,” said Füllkrug, who was one of the few bright spots in national coach Hansi Flick’s team. “We often didn’t play consistently enough – especially with regard to the most offensive and defensive line,” said Füllkrug.

    Bremen star Füllkrug wants to continue the successful first half of the season

    “We made too many mistakes or missed a few chances to score. That ultimately cost us the chance to progress.”

    For the second half of the season with Bremen, the national player is hoping for a continuation of the good first half of the season, but also urges caution: “The past has shown that we have done very well with humility and a down-to-earth attitude. As soon as big goals were set, it usually backfired .”