People from all parts of Brabant offer sleeping places for people fleeing Ukraine. They are responding to a call after a bus was deployed to bring dozens of Ukrainians from Poland to the Netherlands.

    ‘Who wants to help people who are picked up by bus from Poland with a place to sleep for the coming week?’ The enthusiasm after in a Facebook group this question was heartwarming. Several people from Brabant do have a place left where the refugees can stay for a few days, a few weeks or even longer.

    Roy from Veldhoven, for example, offers a room for two adults with a child or two children and an adult. “Offering Dutch hospitality is the least we can do. Asylum seekers’ centers are all full, moreover, it is Europeans who enter our country. If everyone contributes, we have enough space,” says the hospitable Roy.

    “I have a guest room with a double bed, which can accommodate a mattress for a child. It doesn’t matter to me that I don’t know how long those people will stay. Hopefully the war will be over soon. But first try to help and then look at the details of the shelter. Help is needed now.”

    Kris from Son also thinks so. The English-speaking Pole opens up a room for a mother and child. “There is a catastrophe going on. We have to do something, we can’t look away. I already donated money, but wanted to do more. I don’t care how long they stay. It’s a terrible situation. Next time someone from Poland can be the victims if Putin invades there.”

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