One can only hope that this is meant to be a bad joke. How is a soon to be 26-year-old supposed to help us, who is at best average even in the second division?

    18/19 – 1. Bundesliga – 10 games, 4 goals – good season, but then nothing happened for 3 years:

    19/20 – Bundesliga 1 – 20 games, 0 goals – disastrous season
    20/21 – 2nd Bundesliga – 27 games, 7 goals – maximum average in the SECOND league
    21/22 first half of the season – 2nd Bundesliga – 7 games, 0 goals – another catastrophic semi-series
    21/22 second half of the season – Polish league – 14 games, 4 goals – again maximum average in the POLISH league

    This season is the ONLY one in which he has performed at Düsseldorf since his first 4 games. Mind you, to some extent. 6 goals and 6 assists in 17 games in the second division are now not an achievement that surprises you, especially not for an almost 26-year-old.

    You can’t seriously think that you can replace a Thuram with 13 goals in 15 BUNDESLIGA games with an almost 26-year-old who has been a single flop for the last 3 years and this season has made 12 goals in 17 (!) SECOND league games .

    Sorry, but you can easily save the money that you would spend on a Kownacki. It’s better to grab a Ngoumou in the storm or someone else. In any case, the money would simply be wasted. If you could get a Kenan Karaman directly from Schalke, it would be a similar caliber.

    So far I’m quite convinced of Virku’s work. That’s why I don’t believe one bit that he would do such an embarrassing number.