Hot league series will be played in the floorball F-League semifinals.

    Classic’s Nico Salo and TPS’s Miko Kailiala playing floorball finals in 2019. Jaakko Stenroos / AOP

    The floorball men’s F-league is in the semi-finals. Classic leads Turku Palloseura with 3–1 victories and Nokian KrP leads Oilers with 3–2 victories.

    The finals will be won with four wins. Classic has a chance to be cut off today in a match in Lempäälä. The fight will start at 6.30 pm.

    Classic striker and Finnish national team player Nico Salon lyrics The screen in an interview caused TPS to respond.

    Salo said TPS has taken on the role of “school bully,” to which Classic must respond “respectfully but not humiliatingly”.

    – Well there the players and the whole club organization shout a little bit something. That seems to be their way in these games. We will be greeted with it, Salo explained Skullfloorball site by.

    “We are serious”

    TPS published its own response on its website.

    – The playoffs evoke a wide range of emotions and can sometimes erupt unintentionally, sharply or, at worst, inappropriately, especially during matches. However, we take seriously statements that TPS claims to have acted improperly and draws attention to the entire club organization, the Turku Society’s press release read, among other things.

    In the second half of the F-league playoffs, the goal scored by Oilers in the third semi-final match, among others, has spoken. Rasmus Kainulainen hit the ball in the air and the racket was really high at the time of the hit.

    Oilers and Nokian KrP will play their sixth partial match in Espoo on Wednesday at 6.30 pm.