It has not been confirmed whether the body of the Dutch tourist is. The resident of Leiden went for a walk on Tuesday in the western part of the island, near Jeremi and the Christoffelberg. When he did not return, the alarm was raised.

    The man is on vacation on Curaçao with his family. He went for a walk every morning with one of his children, but on Tuesday he went out alone. After he went missing, there were concerns because he only had a liter of water with him, in an area where it is difficult to orientate without a GPS or compass.

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    ‘Without a compass or GPS you are lost’

    Archaeologist François van der Hoeven, an expert in the area, previously informed that it is very dangerous to walk this route alone.

    “Walking alone in the area around the Christoffelberg is not really an option,” he says. “If you stay on the trails, there’s nothing to worry about. As soon as you deviate from that and do not have a compass or GPS with you, you are lost.”

    Van der Hoeven regularly goes out with friends in the area. “It’s a hilly landscape and if you’re a little higher, you can see the sea, but you get lost because you can’t walk directly to your visible location,” he says.


    Two years ago, Van der Hoeven lost a friend, also an experienced hiker, on the island. The man was found a day and a half later. Cause of death: he had suffered a brain haemorrhage due to the fluid loss.

    The dangerous thing is that the area is currently completely closed by the rain. Also, you can quickly fall through the rocks and hills. “It is very dangerous without strong clothing. It is not for nothing that Christoffel’s park management offers guided walks,” says van der Hoeven.