BMW: revenues will rise in 2022. Sales of electric cars double

BMW Group says it has met its 2022 targets by delivering strong operating performance in a challenging business environment

Umberto Schiavella


March 15, 2023

With an online conference, the BMW group has communicated its business results for 2022, underlining how the German brand has achieved its objectives despite a complicated commercial context. The premium builder significantly increased group fiscal profit by 23,509 million euros+46.4%, and the net profit, 18,582 million euros, +49.1%, compared to the previous year. This is a positive development which can be attributed to the improvement in prices and the positive effects of the product mix offered by the group, as well as the complete consolidation of the Chinese joint venture BMW Brilliance Automotive Ltd. The latter made a large cash contribution, 5,011 million euros, while from 11 February 2022 the free cash flow increased significantly reaching 11,071 million euros in the automotive segment. Group revenues rose to 142,610 million euros compared to 111,239 million euros in the previous year, +28.2%, with the integration of BBA revenues which significantly contributed to the growth. The BMW group also benefited from an improvement in prices, both for sales of new vehicles and for the resale of vehicles at the end of the lease, and from positive effects on the product mix.

Electric models

The increase in sales of all-electric models, amounting to 107.7% in 2022, he represented the 9% of deliveries in 2022 and has contributed to further reducing the CO2 emissions of the new vehicle fleet on the Old Continent. Based on preliminary calculations, this value stood at 105.0 grams of CO2 per km according to the Wltp cycle. A decrease of 9.4% which significantly exceeds the value recorded in 2021 and the applicable emissions target of 22.5 g/km, up from 115.9 g/km the previous year. The BMW group continues with the electrification of its product range and in 2023 aims to increase the share of fully electric vehicles in its total deliveries by 15%.


Deliveries were slightly lower than the previous year: 2,399,632 units against 2,521,514 in 2021 equal to -4.8%. The constant and high customer demand has been reflected in the company’s strong order backlog. Unfortunately for the group it was not possible to fully satisfy it due to the difficulties encountered in the supply of semiconductor components, supply chain interruptions and the blockage due to the persistence of Covid in China. electrified vehicles, drink And Phev, accounted for a total of 18.1%, 433,792 units, +32.1% year over year, of deliveries. Sales of all-electric cars reached 215,752 units, a significant increase over the previous year, +107.7% year-on-year. Below are the deliveries by brand made in 2022:

  • bmw 2,100,689 units delivered in 2022, -5.1% compared to 2021;
  • Mini 292,922 units delivered in 2022, -3.1% compared to 2021;
  • Rolls-Royce 6,021 units delivered in 2022, +7.8% compared to 2021;
  • Motorcycles 202,895 units delivered in 2022, +4.4% compared to 2021.

Financial profit

The BMW group recorded a profit before financial result of 13,999 million euros, +4.5% compared to 2021, for the full year. The Group’s pre-tax profit once again recorded a sharp increase and, thanks to the complete consolidation of Bba, reached 23,509 million euros, +46.4% on 2021. The group’s EBT margin stood at 16.5%, while the group’s net profit was 18,582 million euros, +49.1% compared to 2021. A dividend of €8.50 per ordinary share is proposed.

Bmw Motorrad

In 2022, Bmw Motorrad has continued the electrification of the brand in the field of urban mobility, with the series introduction of the electric scooter Bmw CE 04. Deliveries in the motorcycle segment have been made in a way to ensure constant growth. Motorcycle deliveries reached a new all-time high of 202,895 units in 2022, +4.4% compared to 2021. Although the performance in European markets, with the exception of France (+6.7% year on year), was less dynamic, sales in China (+7.7% year on year) recorded a solid increase and deliveries to the Americas increased significantly (+14.4% year-on-year). The segment had a turnover of 3,176 million euros, +15.6% compared to 2021, with an Ebit of 257 million euros +13.2% compared to the previous year.