with the departure of Coti from the house of Big Brother The grand finale of the most famous reality show on Argentine television is already throbbing. It is scheduled for March 19, although the date could vary according to the rating and the future of the program. So far, everything seems to indicate that Camila She is the favorite participant of the audience, since she was the one with the fewest votes in the elimination gala: only 0.72% voted for her to leave.

    The last gala had a special seasoning: the farewell between Coti and Alexis, who have a sentimental relationship. After it was announced that Coti was the one chosen to leave the house, with 67.35% of the votes, the two said goodbye crying, starring in the most emotional moment of the gala.

    This time, the final was between Coti and Ariel, and according to the number of votes that the second had to leave the house, there are reasons to think that he could be the next eliminated: 32, 65% of the audience had chosen him to left. Despite the fact that on Twitter much of the fandom stated that they did not love her, Daniela It was another one favored by voters. she received only 13, 12% of the votes, after which she went to her room to unpack her suitcase.

    Behind Camila, the second favorite of the fans seems to be Alpha, who only received 5.55% of the votes. “I had hopes of staying one more week, and I’m happy,” said the most controversial of the participants after being saved. And it is that Walter Santiago, as the participant is really called, knew how to occupy the centrality of the media when in October he made several statements about President Alberto Fernández, whom he claimed to have known for a long time.

    “I have known him for 35 years. Alberto Fernández bribed me a lot of times. I know Alberto Fernández very well”, shot Alfa, which led to the response of the presidential spokesperson, Gabriela Cerruttiand the president himself.

    The other two participants who complete the current Big Brother squad are Agustin – who returned to reality after leaving in December – Maxi, Nacho and Thiago: These last two caused a stir in networks by fulfilling their end-of-year promise to kiss each other. We will only have to wait a few months to find out who is the winner of this new edition of the reality show.

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