BEŞİKTAŞ NEWS – Example of ‘Burak Yılmaz’ transfer from Sinan Vardar to Ozan Tufan!

I watch the opposition to this transfer on social media. In fact, many of them contain very harsh reactive comments. Şenol teacher requested the transfer of Burak Yılmaz from the management at that time, after winning the championships in Beşiktaş for two consecutive seasons. The management used the pressure of the fans as an excuse and crossed out Burak.

Burak came but 1.5 seasons late! If Burak had come 1.5 years ago, Beşiktaş would probably have embraced the 3rd championship in a row and made it to their rivals by far. When Burak came, 90 percent of those who broke the storm turned their reactions to support after the goals scored by the experienced striker, but it was too late. My advice to Beşiktaş management is that Şenol teacher should be appreciated. Şenol Güneş does not want a transfer for nothing. He, with the football mind of years; “How can I carry Beşiktaş to the top?” acts with thought. So don’t look for adventure, hand over the powers in football to Şenol Güneş, who knows. Otherwise, we will be sorry for the lost championships.