Black, red and blonde are some of the flavors and colors that the legendary drink offers. From its origin in the Sumerian peoples and the ancient Egyptthe beer I accompany meetings and celebrations. Since 2007, the international beer day had its point of origin in a small Californian bar and is celebrated every first Friday of August in different countries.

    The first recipe for the drink was found in lower Mesopotamia, with the fermentation of barley being its main preparation characteristic. The Egyptians imposed their style adding dates, cinnamon and honey. The drink transcended borders and various civilizations (Romans, Germans, Greeks) obtaining immense popularity that continues to this day throughout the world.

    In Argentina, there is a sustained boom in breweries and birrerías that offer the public a consolidated product of artisan elaboration. These are some of the most recommended places for consumption, according to the taste of the local palate.

    Eagle Rock

    Of Cordovan origin, the Roggio family brand imposed several different styles in the creation of craft beers. kolsh, Hongniber, Waldbier Y cordobesian apa They are some of the most recommended that can be drunk in the different branches of Peñón del Águila. The experimentation of new flavors is a characteristic that can be enjoyed in the warm atmosphere of its premises.

    Location: Pierina Dealessi 701, Puerto Madero


    The legendary Mar del Plata brewery, founded in 1998, has not lost its validity over the years. Pioneer in offering its own brand in its bars and imposing its own decorative style (often imitated). Antares is consolidated in providing classic tastes: Porter (black), Honey Beer (honey) and scotch (red).

    Location: Honduras 4900, Palermo


    The Recoleta classic that imposed, with its first craft brewery in the late 1990s, the “brewpub” format that continues to this day. amber ale (coppery), India Pale Ale (hoppy and bitter) and Stout (black, with smoked taste), are the flavors that have been on the menu since its inception.

    Location: Junin 1747, Recoleta

    Berliner Bunker

    The Patagonian referential brand, native to Bariloche, brews more than 30 styles of beer per year. Some are limited batches and can be tried exclusively at the Bar Berlina in San Telmo. Crossroads Belgian Stout, English Pale Ale and the Patagonia Barley Wineare the tastes with European reminiscences and adapted to the national creativity that offer a distinguished experience.

    Location: United States 352, San Telmo

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