Bastiaan Ragas does not want to say whether he has an alcohol problem

Bastiaan Ragas, Tooske’s husband, reacts very strangely when asked if he is an alcoholic. “Now you can keep track of whether you have an alcohol problem.”


As one of the candidates of the TV program Race Across The World, 51-year-old Bastiaan Ragas does not really make a fresh impression. According to one of the viewers, Marc-Marie Huijbregts, it seems as if he has an alcohol problem: “I have the idea – but well, you can never say that out loud – that he also drinks a lot. But I don’t know.”

‘He honks something’

Bastiaan had a little Twitter conversation with Marc-Marie about this statement. “I thought: I’m going to say something about it on Twitter,” he responds in magazine Weekend. “Well, Marc-Marie: give that man a push and he’ll honk a bit. That’s what he does and what’s kind of fun. And then that annoying voice of his… But I like that.”

He continues: “I don’t take that seriously. I like to respond then, because someone like that is always shocked. If people say something and you react pleasantly on social media, you will receive, like Marc-Marie, an answer like: ‘Dear Bastiaan, I enjoy you very much. Seriously.’ Yes, sure. But that doesn’t matter to me at all.”

Drink a beer

De Weekend wonders if Bastiaan really doesn’t mind. “If someone falsely suggests that you have an alcohol problem, that also seems a bit harmful, right?”

Bastiaan: “Oh no. I think I have a very good married image, so a little rock ‘n’ roll is good!”

De Weekend: “What if you run into him at a party?”

Bastiaan: “Then I bring him a beer and I say: ‘Hey Marc-Marie, are you okay?’ That’s why I put ‘#cheers’ after my tweet. Come on, life is too short.”

Alcohol problem

Then the Weekend starts to get suspicious. “But you do keep in mind whether you have an alcohol problem.”

Bastiaan replies very curiously: “I have no problem with it, haha. I can’t be bothered that people think I’d leave it in the middle. No dude, shut up. What I say: with such a very good image, a little rock and roll is good.”

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