Her Murasjov will be assigned to the route from the central core to the city Enerhodar, says Petro Kotin, head of the staatsbedrijf Energoatom, in a declaration. “Hij is uit de auto gehaald en blind document in a known direction weggevoerd”, wrote Kotin on Telegram.

    Hij roept het International Atomic Energy Agency IAEA op om zijn vrijlating te vragen. Over het lot van Murasjov is not known.

    The core of Zaporizja, the largest of Europe, is the beginning of May in the hands of Russia. Volgens Kotin vormt Russia a bedreing for de veiligheid van Zaporizja. The Oekraïense works from the bezette kerncentrale have been terroristised, and the action has been taken. The site is al are maart in the hands of Russian troops:

    As soon as the kerncentrale aangevallen, both parties will accuse each other. The IAEA warned of reeds for battles that a nuclear catastrophe could cause in a rupture for a security zone around the central core in the south east of Oekraïne.