AUCTION/Slightly increased demand for an increase in 5-year federal bonds

FRANKFURT (Dow Jones)–The Federal Finance Agency placed 5-year federal bonds in the auction process on Tuesday. There was a slight increase in demand. The average yield fell to 2.56 percent, down from 2.71 percent at the previous auction. 2.830 billion euros were allocated. With the 670 million retained for market management purposes, the planned volume of 3.5 billion euros was achieved.

Below is an overview of the details of the restock auction; in brackets are the results of the previous auction of the same securities on October 24th.


Issuance of 2.40 percent federal bonds

with a term of October 19, 2028

Volume EUR 3.5 billion

Bidding volume EUR 5.867 billion

Allocation amount EUR 2.830 billion

Subscription ratio 2.1 (2.0)

average return. 2.56% (2.71%)

Value date November 23, 2023


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November 21, 2023 05:45 ET (10:45 GMT)