At least two people were killed today when peacekeepers from the UN mission in Congo (Monusco) opened fire in Kasindi, at a border post with Uganda. The UN mission itself has confirmed this. However, the exact circumstances are not yet clear.

    The Blue Helmets, the international peacekeepers, would have been hindered when they wanted to cross the border. In doing so, they opened fire. Initially, eight people were seriously injured. At least two of those eight victims were officers. Now, however, there is talk of at least two deaths.

    The head of Monusco, Bintou Keita, said she was “deeply shocked by this serious incident” and called the behavior of the gunmen “irresponsible”. The assailants have been arrested pending further investigation, it said. The nationality of the blue helmets involved has not yet been disclosed.

    Last week, demonstrations were held in the region demanding that the blue helmets leave. According to protesters, the peacekeepers are unable to fight the armed groups in the area. The demonstrations were very turbulent, with at least 19 fatalities.

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