The president’ Pere Aragones has submitted a hundred measures of impulse of Catalan in various areas of the Government, including health, driving schools or secondary school teachers, in order to be able to “live fully and freely in Catalan”. After an extraordinary meeting of the Consell Executiu held at the Institut d’Estudis Catalans (IEC), Aragonès has taken the opportunity to poke his chest about the conflict in Spanish at school.

    In response to critical positions on the part of the independence movement, he has stated that “one year after [de la sentencia del Supremo sobre el castellano en las escuelas] 25% linear Spanish does not apply” except for the case of 26 groups out of a total of 72,000. Aragonès congratulated himself on the fact that the aforementioned sentence is not being applied “because the legislative and executive powers have done our job in defense of the linguistic model in schools& rdquor ;.

    Aragonès has detailed, together with the head of Culture of the Government, Natalia Garrigathat among the hundred measures to promote Catalan that the Government has approved, it is included that training in “immersion and multilingualism management so that all teachers have tools to maintain Catalan in different classroom situations”. garriguehas argued that “classrooms have changed” and Catalan should be able to be transmitted “in all situations”.

    Replace the sanction with a course

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    Among the measures adopted, Aragonès has highlighted the reinforcing Catalan in hospitals and in care centers for the elderly or dependent people. Content in Catalan will also be promoted in driving schools to also encourage exams to be in Catalan without the need for a prior request. It is also proposed that the sanctions for failing to comply with the signage in Catalan in shops can be replaced by training courses in Catalan. Garriga explained that they have been working for months to adapt the consumer code and detail that both the legal documents of the businesses and oral care can have a “immediate disposition“in Catalan. The will is not punitive, he pointed out, given that 60% of the files are archived. In 2022, 33 sanctions have been imposed in this ambit. There have been 456 complaints and 968 ex officio actions.

    Garriga has also made it a priority to promote Catalan in the audiovisual sector, both in films and series, through dialogue with broadcast platforms. Aragonese He has complained that Catalan continues to be “a minority language by a State that makes it difficult for it to fully normalise”.