Yvonne Coldeweijer again had the show scoop of the day yesterday: the OG3NE sisters are at odds with their father. It was eagerly picked up by RTL Boulevard and Shownieuws.

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    Where RTL Boulevard neatly named the source of the news, Shownieuws crow Anouk Smulders did not get the name of Yvonne Coldeweijer. Whom did she name as the source of the news? ‘A juice channel online’. As if Shownieuws would be satisfied if other media referred to them as ‘a linear program’.


    Yvonne thinks Shownieuws is extremely sad. “How blandwww and childish this 😂”, responds the juice queen on her Instagram channel.

    The quarrel between the OG3NE sisters and their father came to light when Yvonne made some strange moves on the socials discovered. For example, their father posted a cryptic message about ingratitude and it turned out that one of the sisters, Amy, no longer followed both her father and his girlfriend.

    OG3NE receipt

    Sister Shelley was sporty enough to confirm the family quarrel to Yvonne. “Hi Yvonne, here’s a message on behalf of all three of us. As you indicated in your messages, we have already had to go through a lot as a family. (…) At the moment, our father and we are not on the same page and we need some space and peace towards each other.”

    Yvonne then: “An honest and clear message! If only all celebrities were like this!”

    Show news looking down

    A nice first from Yvonne, but at Shownieuws they look a bit down on it. “It is also strange that this is being fought through social media, isn’t it?” Sandra Schuurhof commented last night in the broadcast on SBS 6.

    Anouk: “That is of course because at a certain point people see that they no longer follow each other and then the ball starts rolling and then the father posts something and the ladies respond to that again.”

    Amy has unfollowed her father and his girlfriend. William Rutten: “I wonder what kind of people see that?”

    Sandra: “Yeah, exactly!”

    ‘Is also a job, haha!’

    What kind of people see that? Well, Yvonne and her spies keep an eye out for where the Shownieuws editors are sleeping. William: “Do they watch all day long and say: oh, he unfollows that one! How do you keep track of that?”

    Anouk: “Yes, apparently.”

    Annemarie Brüning, the presenter on duty: “Yes, that is also a job these days. hahahahaha.”

    Is that a job these days? Yes, they have indeed forgotten that in the Shownieuws editorial.