Anita Witzier disagrees with the criticism that she comes across as stupid as a table lady in the talk show Khalid & Sophie. “I don’t agree with that, but hey: everyone is allowed to have an opinion.”

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    Anita Witzier’s performances as a table lady in the talk show Khalid & Sophie have been mercilessly denounced by media experts Lars Duursma and Victor Vlam. They have made mincemeat of her in their podcast De Communicado’s: “She asks a lot of stupid questions. Really a lot of stupid questions.”

    “Who is Victor Flame?”

    For example, Anita has asked if a Ukrainian soldier is ‘invincible’ in a Leopard 2 tank, which of course is not the case. “Actually every time Anita Witzier asks a question, as a viewer you already know what the answer will be.”

    Fortunately, Anita’s bashing does not hit the presenter very hard. She takes it in Weekend her shoulders. “Who is that, Victor Vlam? And what does he think is a stupid question? Why is that a stupid question? I don’t agree with him there, that’s your role there. Anyway, everyone is allowed to have an opinion, fine.”

    Stupid questions

    Although Victor is by no means an unknown name in the media, Anita pretends that she has never heard of him. “I hope to sit down with him soon. Then I can get to know him.”

    And then she can tell him that he is completely wrong, Anita wants to say. “I don’t think there are stupid questions. I express what the viewer might sometimes think, like: what about that? So are you really invincible or not? I actually think that’s a very relevant question.”


    According to Anita, Khalid & Sophie are very happy with her. “Because I keep getting asked back. I also regularly include myself in the questions, which is an interaction between being subjective and being in the role of the viewer. Partly for that reason, they also ask me to put my own stamp on it.”

    How does she think she’s doing? “Varying, very variable. Sometimes I am satisfied, other times I think: well, that could have been better. It is difficult, because you have to look carefully for the moments when it fits and is relevant. That is an art.”


    Anita at Khalid & Sophie as a NATO expert: