• The journalist, one of the best-known faces on television, had suffered from a rare disease that, among other things, led to the amputation of both legs

    journalist and presenter Àngel Casas has died in the early hours of this Saturday at the age of 76. Popular character and icon of communication due to his long career in different media, this resident of the Sants neighborhood of Barcelona was one of the most well-known faces on television in the 1980s, at the birth of TV-3, for, on everything, the program ‘Angel Casas show’, a pioneering ‘talk show’ format that was on the air from 1984 to 1988. He came to the initiatory Catalan public television after standing out as a disseminator and music critic on the TVE program ‘Musical Express’.

    In recent times, the health of Àngel Casas, who retired in 2014 after a period as director of BTV, was delicate. The journalist had suffered from a rare disease called calciphylaxis which, among other things, led to the amputation of both legs and a kidney transplant.

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    Beyond the popularity gained on television, his radio career has also been extensive -he began there, on the historic Radio Juventut- and in the written press -as a columnist, chronicler and music critic-, as well as his literary work. This same year he had published ‘L’agonia de Bakunin’ (Univers), a book of six stories in which he portrayed current Barcelona. His career earned him a Creu de Sant Jordi in 2007, an award that added to, among others, two Ondas awards (1972 and 1986).

    As a cultural chronicler, in the mid-1960s, in the weekly ‘Tele/Estel’, he portrayed the effervescence of Tuset street (which in those years became the pompous ‘Tuset street’), the epicenter of the ‘gauche divine’.