Amsterdam Lebo hands out a slap to FC Marléne in Heerhugowaard

ASV Lebo has won 6-3 in the Eredivisie futsal tonight at FC Marlène. The Amsterdam formation laid the foundation for the victory against the competitor for play-off placement in the first half.

ASV Lebo celebrates Omar Tissoudali’s 1-4 – NH Sport/Frank van der Meijden

Lebo started the game excellently and already after seven minutes looked at a 0-2 lead thanks to goals from Mohammed Chih and the experienced Omar Tissoudali. Marlène was not feeling well in the game, but thanks to a striking shot from Younes Daari, it still became 1-2. Lofti Attahiri, however, rewarded Lebo’s good play by putting the 1-3 halftime score on the board.

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Lebo trainer Zaid El Morabiti: “We were efficient for the goal” – NH Sport

In the second half, the home team seemed to straighten up, but it soon got the lid on its nose again. Tissoudali took care of the 1-4 with his second of the evening. Not much later, Amir Molkarai brought the tension back into the match by making the second for the Heerhugowaarders.

Te Vrede provides decision

Finally, the hopes of a comeback at FC Marlène came to an end when Soeremly te Vrede ended the match on the counterattack five minutes before the end. The brand new international of Orange made the 2-5 in favor of Lebo. In the last minutes, both Molkarai and Te Vrede made their second goal, making it 3-6.

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Marlène trainer Jeroen de Groot: “We give away three goals clumsily” – NH Sport

Because of the victory, Lebo skips over FC Marlène in the position of the Eredivisie. Lebo is sixth with twelve points from six games. FC Marlène drops to seventh place with nine points from five matches.

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A summary of the match between FC Marlène and ASV Lebo will appear on this website on Saturday.

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