The baseball players of Amsterdam have again done good business in the battle for the national championship. Of the three games this weekend against Twins Oosterhout, Amsterdam won two. HCAW was less fortunate. The Bussum-squad suffered two losses against Neptunus.

    Last Thursday, Amsterdam started at its own Loek Loevendie Ballpark with a tie (4-4) against fourth and lowest ranked Twins Oosterhout. Yesterday, Amsterdam struck mercilessly hard and this time won a visit to Brabant with no less than 0-12. The reigning national champion was able to continue the monster victory today and eventually won the third game narrowly with 2-1.

    No win for HCAW

    HCAW, the other North Holland team in the championship group, started in the Rob Hoffmannvallei with a narrow 1-2 loss against Neptunus. On Saturday, Rotterdam lost again. This time, the Bussumers went down 5-3. Today, HCAW again failed to win. It eventually remained at 1-1 after twelve innings played.

    After today, Amsterdam is still firmly in the lead in the championship group. Neptunus came alongside with HCAW with the two wins and is now tied for second place again.

    Amsterdam Pirates – Twins Oosterhout 2-1
    HCAW – Neptune 1-1

    Twins Oosterhout – Amsterdam Pirates 0-12
    Neptune – HCAW 5-3

    Amsterdam Pirates – Twins Oosterhout 4-4
    HCAW – Neptune 1-2

    Championship group standings:
    1. Amsterdam Pirates played 15, 33 points
    2. Neptune 15 played, 27 points
    3. HCAW played 15, 27 points
    4. Twins Oosterhout played 15, 9 points.