Thanks to high pressure areas, it is expected that the sun will have plenty of opportunity to shine in the coming weeks and that there will be no showers. A consequence of this is that the average temperature is slightly higher than normal. The sea water temperature is also high. “It is currently around 20 degrees,” said meteorologist Yannick Damen. According to him, it is pre-eminently “weather that lends itself to days at the beach.”

    ‘Bad news’

    The weather platform also indicates that the chance of very hot days of 30 degrees or more is high. Whether the thermometer will touch 38 degrees again, as it did in July, remains to be seen.

    While the forecasts are favorable for a variety of summer activities, the heat and drought is “bad news” for wildlife. Weeronline indicates that “the persistent drought may even cause the leaves to fall from the trees.”