Alcohol ban against nuisance in Spoorpark in Tilburg

The mayor has decided that alcohol may no longer be consumed in part of the Spoorpark. With this he hopes to limit the nuisance, which has been going on for months in some parts of the park. The proposal for this is now being worked out.

In a letter to the council, the mayor states that reports have been circulating for a long time about the ongoing nuisance. According to the mayor, the group is mainly concerned with itself. In addition, alcohol is drunk and people become increasingly noisy. “A number of fights have taken place among themselves and passers-by are also called after,” says the mayor in his letter.

Security guards
The mayor has been in talks with the Spoorpark since the beginning of this year. At the request of the board, a partial alcohol ban is introduced. Exactly where that will be is still being worked out. The people in question often sit at the eastern entrance, near the daycare.

“It gives the police and enforcement the opportunity to enforce more sharply,” says the mayor. “With this we mainly protect the children and parents who visit the childcare in the park.”

Security guards were deployed for the first time last weekend. After staff of the kiosk in the park were threatened by troublemakers, the measure was full. According to the owner, this is a group that does not behave normally.

For now, the mayor calls on visitors in the park to report nuisance. “This gives us the opportunity to take action when the nuisance occurs.”


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