President Alberto Fernandez inaugurated the renovation of the roof of the train station the silver. What for the president was seen as a sign of the importance of the State’s performance in public works, was taken practically as a joke by various opposition leaders.

    “The President inaugurated the renovation of the roof of the La Plata Station. President. A roof“, mocked the former mayor of Morón, Ramiro Tagliaferro. The former Minister of Transport during the government of Mauricio Macri, Guillermo Dietrich, He published an extensive thread on his Twitter account listing works carried out during the previous administration.

    “Between 2015 and 2019 we carried out thousands of works and the millions who passed through a station on the Roca line, or who gained time to be with their families avoiding barriers, or who waited comfortably for the train in Constitución or at any of its stations, You know”, Dietrich began his comment, and ended by saying that “beyond the Twitter thread, there are millions of Argentines who saw with their own eyes how between 2015 and 2019 their lives improved, they arrived earlier at work and with their families. How the government didn’t lie to them and took care of what they needed”.

    Who also prepared an extensive thread to vindicate the previous management over the current one, was the Undersecretary of Strategic Projection of CABA, Ezekiel Biso. “A year after leaving the government, they inaugurate a roof in #LaPlata?”, asked Brisso at the beginning of his message chain, in which he highlighted the complete change of the braking system of the Sarmiento branch and the renovation of the Sarmiento and Retiro stations.

    The Secretary of Transportation and Public Works of CABA, Manuela Lopez Menendez He also highlighted the electrification of the Roca line or the recovery of the Tolosa railway workshop, where maintenance is carried out on the trains of said line. “It is already common for the governor and the president to lie blatantly to justify the null management,” the official wrote at the beginning of her presentation.

    In a more limited way, the former mayor of Morón and former deputy of the Province of Buenos Aires for the PRO, Ramiro Tagliaferro, he ironized about the news in the network of the little bird. “The President inaugurated the renovation of the roof of the La Plata Station. President. A roof”, the former official tweeted.

    During his inauguration speech, Fernández celebrated that “the more than 18,000 people from La Plata” who use the train daily “can enjoy this work. The train is a means of central connectivity in modernity and when one leaves Argentina one realizes the importance it has “. He also highlighted the work of the Minister of Transportation, Alexis Guerrera, who left his position due to a health problem. The Buenos Aires governor Axel Kicillof and the Minister of Social Development, Victoria Toulouse PeaceThey were present during the event.

    by RN

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