Albert Verlinde is shocked by the Matthijs van Nieuwkerk video that went completely viral on social media yesterday. “Then I think: are you schizophrenic?” said the TV personality.

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    Matthijs van Nieuwkerk was exposed five days ago by de Volkskrant as a television executioner. In particular, the incident in which he stood a few centimeters away from a production employee to give him a full blast was much discussed. And that is precisely why an old fragment went yesterday viral from when Matthijs was a guest in College Tour.


    Ten years ago, in 2012, Twan Huys asked him whether he had ever considered stopping as a television producer. Yes, Matthew replied. He gave an example: “Someone who stands nose-to-nose in front of you with a glassy look and scolds you all the time. That you are the biggest pickpocket and that goes on and on. I find that very annoying.”

    With today’s knowledge, that is of course quite hypocritical of Matthijs. After all, he himself has shown this kind of demeaning behavior to his own employees for years.


    Albert Verlinde is stunned, he says in HLF8. “It all starts with Matthijs. Did you see that piece on Facebook today? It passed everywhere. That Matthijs van Nieuwkerk was at College Tour and that he says: ‘What I can’t stand at all is when people stand very close to you and start calling you names!’ Then I think: are you schizophrenic?

    It seems that Matthijs is really mentally unwell, says Albert. “How can you tell that when you yourself get so close to people and start intimidating them, you know? Then something is not quite right in your head. Anyway.”

    Exploded three times

    What about Albert and his tantrums? “I recognize the tension, but I have always had an intermediate stop. I’ve also exploded two or three times, but I always had a good executive producer pull me to the side and say, ‘We’re not doing this anymore, are we?’”

    And what if someone were to investigate his time as director of theater company Stage? “I’m doing very well. I have not worked with cultures of fear or intimidation. You always want to do it together.”


    Did Albert never scream as monstrously as Matthijs? “Not much. I think in all the years I’ve been working – I’ve been on TV for thirty years – maybe ten times? Then you’ve really had it. And immediately regret it.”

    Fellow table guest Fidan Ekiz: “Somehow I have a little trouble with you saying that something is not quite right with him. I think he is not aware of how and what, otherwise he would have expressed more regret, I think.”


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